•   JIONE FRS Corp. is specialized in research and manufacture shoes and consisted of experts from internal and external famous footwear industry. JIONE developed a new functional shoes related Sports Biomechanics and physical development. And JIONE keeps registering many patents and applying for a patent. Our company established and run the enterprise research institute. JIONE is confident that lead the footwear industry worldwide through the creative and innovative research and development.
  •   JIONE has systems from plan, development, design, production to distribution and commercialize the self-developed funtional patented product, manufacture and supply as a famous national brand's shoes.
  •   New functional shoes product also make a great appeal to famous foreign branded buyers. Especially export and business activities wth US and Japan are being carried out briskly.
  •   JIONE has and hold Korean and Japanese distribution rights of Acorn from US and Achilles from Japan. JIONE is distributing and supplying products to the domestic and Japanese market.


Dec. 2004 - Established JIONE FRS Corp.
Mar. 2005 - Launched special functional children's shoes Brand BGs
Apr. 2005 - Worked on ODM Business of sports shoe(ex. ARENA, FUERZA)
Nov. 2005 - Started the Korean exclusive licensing business on the children's shoes of UCLA Brand,
    made a contract for the internal and external exclusive licensing of the new material "PALZONE"
    that emits far-infrared radiation
Jan. 2006 - made a contract for the management of UCLA and BGs children's shoes store
Feb. 2006 - made a contract for the East Asian exclusive sale, licensing manufacture and export right of
    international marathon goods special brand FRANK SHORTER
July. 2006 - made a contract the exclusive distribution rights of international fashion shoe brand CROCS
Aug. 2006 - opened the 10th CROCS store
Feb. 2007 - started an ODM/OEM business of Japanese children's shoes special brand PIKO
Mar. 2007 - made a contract the exclusive distribution rights with Japanese best shoe sales company ACHILLES
May 2007 - obtained a venture enterprise certification from Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund,
    exceeded the 60th Korean CROCS store
Aug. 2007 - opened the first JIONE FRS FLAGSHIP SHOP
Nov. 2007 - made a contract for the ODM supply of sports shoe with LS NETWORKS Corp.
Feb. 2008 - opened the 15th ACHILLES store
May 2008 - made a contract for the Korean and Japanese exclusive distribution with American famous brand ACORN,
    completed supply 100,000 shoes in 10 different models to LS NETWORKS Corp.
Apr. 2009 - made a contract for the exclusive supply of walking shoe patent with PROSPECS
Sept. 2009 - supplied 120,000 PROSPECS W walking shoes
Dec. 2009 - made a contract for the Japanese exclusive distribution of ACORN with Japan NEWYOO CO., LTD.
Feb. 2010 - acquired 4 patents (footwear, apparel, goods) for a microcurrent functional product, completed registration
May 2010 - made a contract for the supply of microcurrent patent shoe to PROSPECS of LS NETWORKS Corp.
Jul. 2010 - attended a Japanese fashion show IFF SHOW with a new technology and a new product
Mar. 2011 - selected as an Inno-Biz enterprise (Technology Innovation small and medium enterprises)
Apr. 2011 - obtained enterprise Research Institute approval (Korea Industrial Technology Association's approval)
Sept. 2011 - completed supply more than 600,000 PROSPECS W walking shoes


  • The JiOne FRS Design and R/D Center, in Pusan, Korea has recieved the Korean government approval for special status. This status offers JiOne special status under the Korean government tax code for furtherance of technology amongst Korean companies.